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Hey! It's that jerk who plays Kamina in several places, The Doctor, and Lelouch. KILL HIM WITH FIRE! Buy him things! That will surely show him. Not much to know about me really. I'm Nick, just your average Slacker, Student, Wannabe pirate. I'm currently in school as the Houston Community College Central Campus. I'm really into that crazy anime stuff and even dare to dress up in costumes. You'll find me in Houston, Texas, trying to find what I want to do with my life. I also have a thing for wearing dressy clothes, Guinness Stout, Science Fiction, Animation, Comics, Video Games, Music, hanging out with friends, long car trips, and combinations of those things above. I'm not sure how the process works...lets assume Alchemy. I'm currently in a very exciting and exclusive relationship with the wonderful, sweet, and beautiful Jessica. Anyway if you want to add me, feel free. I'm very friendly most of the time...you know when I'm not being a jerk.

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